Thursday, February 23, 2012

How To Guide: Mid-Spring Planting

 Planting has basic rules in plating a tree or shrub:
  • dig a hole two-to-three times larger than the plant's root ball
  • set the plant into the hole at the same depth it was growing in the pot
  • amend the soil (purchase garden soil from Home Depot) and back-fill the hole
  • water slowly to saturate the soil and remove any remaining air pockets
  • wait two weeks before fertilizing
  • keep the soil moist for the first year after planting. keep at least 6 inches bare around the trunk
  • check frequently; if you see yellow leaves or the soil feels dry, water immediately.

We purchase our plants and planting material from Evergreen Nursery. Recommendations:
  • Planter Mix & Mulch (3 cu ft) -  $5.99
  • Sure Start - E.B. Stone Organics (Box) - $7.99

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