Monday, January 30, 2012

Informative Guide: New Lawn Watering Schedule

New Lawn Watering Schedule Guidelines:

Water Sod lightly after each 200 square feet are installed, to prevent wilting. After all the sod is down and rolled, turn on your sprinklers and let them run until the sod is good and soaked. To keep it that way, water according to the following general guidelines:

Watering schedule:
Week 1 7:00AM 11:00AM 2:00PM
Week 2 7:00AM
Weeks 3/4   7:00AM

*10-20 Minutes per watering time is recommended if you have standard spray nozzles.

After the 4th week, try to water every second or third day during the warm dry months. Do not water new sod between 4 pm and 4 am.

The basic premise is that the deeper the roots, the sturdier the lawn. This is accomplished by roots “chasing” the water. In other words, you want to provide less frequent, deep watering. Frequent, shallow watering encourages roots to be “lazy” and remain closer to the surface, vulnerable to disease or dry conditions. The ability of your lawn to absorb deep, infrequent watering is a direct result of your preparation.

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