Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Informative Guide: Sod Types

Fescue VS. Bermuda
Tall fescue is a general purpose turf-grass and is the most popular sod to lay down in Southern California. Fescues tend to grow in clumps and have grass blades which grow thicker and taller than Bermuda grasses. Fescues have remarkable shade and drought tolerance.
Bermuda’s drought tolerance is similar to fescue grasses; however, bermuda performs better in high-traffic areas like sport’s fields or commercial areas.  Bermuda grows evenly at a shorter height than fescues, requiring more lawn care to maintain its ideal height (look into How to Guide: Mowing).

Caution: If you neighbors are growing Bermuda grass, its invasive nature can dominate any Fescue grass. A border made of blocks or a mow curb is sufficient to prevent this from happening.

The layout of a property can determine what type of sod you choose. Objects like a stout or tall tree can provide unwanted shade that can actually be hurtful for sod types like bermuda or other premium blends.

There are three main brands: Marathon, Medallion, and Performance generic brand. Both Marathon and Medallion fescues are identical in product cost (sold 5sq.ft. slabs), delivery charges, and a standard one year warranty. Performance brand sod lacks quality and a product warranty but has a lower per sq.ft. price.


RALs top choice for sod installations in Southern California is Marathon 1 sod, which stays green year round and is very resilient. See our brochure of Marathon sod types in our RESOURCES section.


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