Monday, January 3, 2011

How To Guide: Mowing

There are three important areas of mowing you should know:

  1. Mowing Height
    • Depending on the type of grass, it is important to adjust the mower to the proper cutting height. Typically, the cutting height for bermuda and tall fescue is 1-2 and 2-3 inches respectively. All mowers have a dial by the wheels for adjustments.
    • When mowing, grass blade height should be reduced by no more than 30% (1/3) its current height.
      • If grass has been unattended for a prolonged period, then it is recommended to mow the lawn to gradually reduce the height of grass blades.
  2. Frequency
    • Sod Type
      • Bermuda may be the most resilient but it requires the most attention; in this case, mowing. Weekly mowing may be mandatory to keep bermuda grass at its ideal short height.
      • Tall fescue is also resilient, especially in partially shaded areas, and can be maintained at a slightly taller height. Weekly mowing is optional for tall fescue.
    • Season
      • Bermuda and tall fescue follow warm season growing schedules.
      • From Spring to Fall these grasses flourish and need more attention by mowing more frequently.
      • In the Winter season, grasses may become subject to slightly stunned growth and minimal yellowing; less frequent mowing is possible.

    1. Path Pattern
      • Mow the perimeter of the lawn area first.
      • Then, switch between patterns, not to repeat a pattern twice sequentially.

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