Monday, March 26, 2012

Informative Guide: Popular Palm Trees

Palm trees are a popular choice when considering a tropical design for any yard. Whether you want a tall growing, dwarf, or triple trunk palm, take your landscaping into consideration. We have accumulated a list of the most popular choices when selecting palm trees for planting.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

How To Guide: Mid-Spring Planting

 Planting has basic rules in plating a tree or shrub:
  • dig a hole two-to-three times larger than the plant's root ball
  • set the plant into the hole at the same depth it was growing in the pot
  • amend the soil (purchase garden soil from Home Depot) and back-fill the hole
  • water slowly to saturate the soil and remove any remaining air pockets
  • wait two weeks before fertilizing
  • keep the soil moist for the first year after planting. keep at least 6 inches bare around the trunk
  • check frequently; if you see yellow leaves or the soil feels dry, water immediately.

We purchase our plants and planting material from Evergreen Nursery. Recommendations:
  • Planter Mix & Mulch (3 cu ft) -  $5.99
  • Sure Start - E.B. Stone Organics (Box) - $7.99

Monday, January 30, 2012

Informative Guide: New Lawn Watering Schedule

New Lawn Watering Schedule Guidelines:

Water Sod lightly after each 200 square feet are installed, to prevent wilting. After all the sod is down and rolled, turn on your sprinklers and let them run until the sod is good and soaked. To keep it that way, water according to the following general guidelines:

Watering schedule:
Week 1 7:00AM 11:00AM 2:00PM
Week 2 7:00AM
Weeks 3/4   7:00AM

*10-20 Minutes per watering time is recommended if you have standard spray nozzles.

After the 4th week, try to water every second or third day during the warm dry months. Do not water new sod between 4 pm and 4 am.

The basic premise is that the deeper the roots, the sturdier the lawn. This is accomplished by roots “chasing” the water. In other words, you want to provide less frequent, deep watering. Frequent, shallow watering encourages roots to be “lazy” and remain closer to the surface, vulnerable to disease or dry conditions. The ability of your lawn to absorb deep, infrequent watering is a direct result of your preparation.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Informative Guide: Most Popular Concrete Stamp

Old Granite Cleft Stone is still the most popular pattern for stamped concrete projects. Seamless textures are preferred by contractors and homeowners because they are easy to apply, can be done in less time than pattern concrete, allows for a clean look with less grout lines and produces a long lasting beautiful addition to your home. Granite is a plutonic rock of the Earth's crust, formed by the cooling of magma into a lovely textured stone.

Check out the manufacturers website for the entire collection of concrete stamps: Website

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Customer Review Spotlight: Zach H.

Zach H. is another satisfied customer of RAL and on of many in our increasing popularity in the Mission Trails community. We were able to install new irrigation sprinkler system and Marathon 2 Sod in his backyard. To see the project’s before and after shots, we have dedicated a Picasa album to show off our quality work on Zach’s home.

See the published review on our Yahoo page:

Rangel and Associates recently did our lawn and irrigation with excellent results and right on schedule. Eduardo was very knowledgeable and a true professional and has a very good crew. Thanks to Cesar for coordinating with me and keeping us informed. Thanks so much and keep up the good work R & A!”

Thank you Zach. We appreciate your business!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Informative Guide: Sod Types

Fescue VS. Bermuda
Tall fescue is a general purpose turf-grass and is the most popular sod to lay down in Southern California. Fescues tend to grow in clumps and have grass blades which grow thicker and taller than Bermuda grasses. Fescues have remarkable shade and drought tolerance.
Bermuda’s drought tolerance is similar to fescue grasses; however, bermuda performs better in high-traffic areas like sport’s fields or commercial areas.  Bermuda grows evenly at a shorter height than fescues, requiring more lawn care to maintain its ideal height (look into How to Guide: Mowing).

Caution: If you neighbors are growing Bermuda grass, its invasive nature can dominate any Fescue grass. A border made of blocks or a mow curb is sufficient to prevent this from happening.

The layout of a property can determine what type of sod you choose. Objects like a stout or tall tree can provide unwanted shade that can actually be hurtful for sod types like bermuda or other premium blends.

There are three main brands: Marathon, Medallion, and Performance generic brand. Both Marathon and Medallion fescues are identical in product cost (sold 5sq.ft. slabs), delivery charges, and a standard one year warranty. Performance brand sod lacks quality and a product warranty but has a lower per sq.ft. price.


RALs top choice for sod installations in Southern California is Marathon 1 sod, which stays green year round and is very resilient. See our brochure of Marathon sod types in our RESOURCES section.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Customer Review Spotlight: Scott N.

Scott N. is another satisfied customer of RAL and one of many in our increasing popularity in the Scripps Ranch community . We were able to successfully remove and control evasive bamboo and cover the area with a polyurethane shield and playground mulch, as well as install new sod and a build a keystone wall. To see the project’s before and after shots, we have dedicated a Picasa album to show off our quality work on Scott’s home.

See the published review on Yelp’s page:

“Rangel and Associates is the most professional company I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  They are totally committed to great customer service.  They landscaped my front yard and backyard and I'm extremely pleased with the result.  Some background:  I aggressively bid the project out to seven bidders.  Rangel was the most affordable.  They offered very creative suggestions for the landscaping projects and brought ideas to the table I hadn't even thought of.  I had a very tight budget and they worked with me to suggest the right materials that could fit my budget.  That saved my budget.  When they arrived on-site to work, the crew was on time, very efficient, friendly and worked extremely hard to complete the job as fast as possible.  They erected a retaining wall and an irrigation system in my backyard that's truly 5-star.  They transformed my front yard from "embarrassing" to "amazing".  My family's yard is now the envy of the neighborhood.  We are extremely proud of it and are grateful for Rangel's awesome work.  Bottom line, I received great value from Rangel and Associates and I plan to hire them again for subsequent jobs on my property.  I've also contracted them for lawn care and maintenance.  A couple times a month they service my lawn, adjust the sprinklers, trim bushes.  My yard is perfect as a result.  I recommend Rangel and Associates!  You need to hire these guys!!!”

Thank you Scott. We appreciate your business!